Complete Dental Implant Treatment in Hayward

When teeth are missing due to infection or trauma, it can drastically affect the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile. Dental Implants are one of the most effective and successful methods for replacing lost teeth. However, both placing and restoring them calls for a skilled hand. Dr. Peter K. Han and Dr. Mia Chun are your experienced dental implants professionals, committed to providing full placement and top-quality restoration services in Hayward.

At Premier Family Dental, we handle every aspect of your dental implant treatment. Dr. Han and our trusted in-house specialist are both available for precise implant placement. By replacing your missing teeth from root to crown, our dentists have the skill to address your dental aesthetics a well as preserve your overall oral health.

The Benefits of Receiving Your Dental Implants at Premier Family Dental

Many patients do not realize the importance of how jawbone health contributes to proper function and dental well-being. When teeth are missing, the tooth’s root is no longer in place, and your jawbone has nothing to stimulate it for necessary volume and density. Prolonged loss of this support will result in a process called resorption, causing a prematurely aged appearance as well as gum-tissue recession.

With over 20 years in the field, Dr. Han works with a close network of specialists, including our in-office implant placement expert. Patients visiting our Hayward practice for dental implant treatment have the added benefit of both Dr. Han and our specialist having the capacity to performing their procedure.

Patients can have complete confidence in their care as they have a variety of benefits including:

• Long-Lasting
• Natural-looking
• Discreet Results
• Strengthens Jaw Function
• Restores Bite

Implant Placement from Dr. Peter K. Han and His Specialists

Our team begins care by thoroughly examining your current dental state.  We check the health of your jawbone and gum tissue before determining whether you are an ideal candidate for placement.

We ensure a precise, comfortable procedure as the artificial tooth root is strategically placed in the jaw by our skilled hands. Our patients are given a few months to heal so the implant can fuse to the jaw, creating a strong foundation and stimulating proper jawbone function.

Providing Beautiful Restorations Utilizing CEREC Technology

At Premier Family Dental, we are committed to restoring the natural beauty of your smile. Drs. Han and Chun proudly offer same-day, porcelain crowns with the help of our in-office CEREC technology. When multiple teeth are missing in a row, a dental bridge is an ideal replacement option. For those who have lost an entire arch, implant-supported dentures are affixed. They will not shift or dislodge, allowing you to smile with complete confidence.

Let Us Restore Your Smile – Contact Our Skilled Professionals Today!

Dr. Peter K. Han and Dr. Mia Chun, along with their capable team, are dedicated to helping implant patients achieve optimal health and beautiful smiles through full, comprehensive treatment.

If you would like to address missing teeth and enhance your quality of life, call or visit our office today to set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you.